jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

panther clothes, jom

Joma: Only 99l !!!
Good ofert for my salvages friends.
This outfit contents: top, pants, skirt, collar, tie hair and prim top.
I hope that enjoy this outfit, is a clothes more simple but are very cute and perfect for your rp.

miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

Lady week

This week i make several lady clothes.

For nort gorean womans i make this in past week. In gorean room you had saw in colour room, but now i put in a normal price whit other colours: green and red.
Contens boots, warmers and cloack.

(Hair left: leluka, rigth: truth)
(Skin left: Imagen; rigth Curio)

Paula : 250l
In two diferent flowers textures, dark or clare.
Contens several layers, corset, sleeves, 2 skirts (longe and short), mask...
This clothes are inspired in Misha (female character in the series death note), and i put Paola name for a friend :P

Gabriela : price especial, only 150l.
In 2 colours, contents that you an see.

miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011


We are glad to present a new event for all those people who love gorean and fantasy clothes.
We are sure if you like to spend little money and have a fantastic look. You will love this event: GOREAN ROOM!!

Gorean Room is a room where the best designers sell some of their creations with very cheap prices. With only one teleport you will find clothes, accesories, hairs or other things for only 50 or 70 L.

The products at the Gorean Room will change every 15 days, so don´t forget to visit the room often if you don´t want to miss the new sales.

Subscribe yourself to it to receive the news available at the room..and don´t forget to tell it to your friends! there are lovely things for all the people.

In the room i out the new outfit "Minerva" in room only 70l, in colour blue.
Them when i put in my shop this clothes in other colours too: Red and green.

sábado, 10 de septiembre de 2011

New Logo

Me quedo precioso! un nuevo logo por fin acorde a mi estilo, por fin!! un logo que no es una basura.
Compre en una web bastante barata "Plumorose"unas cuentas cosas muy dulces y de calidad justo para hacerme un logo como este, ya cansada de tener logos feos o sosos como tenia (bueno el logo que tuve de amapolas era lo mas bonito del mundo y gratis XD).


En estos días me vino una gran inspiración, empece a hacer ropa para esclava preciosa, dulce y mil cosas bonitas mas.
Aquí abajo pongo dos modelos:

Iliana: 195l
Es un traje sencillo, hecho de primitivas, no tiene ropa hecha de textura. Tenia muchas ganas de hacer un traje parecido y estoy muy contenta con el resultado.
Ademas cambie el fondo de la foto como podéis comprobar, perfecto a mi estilo.

These days a great inspiration came to me, I started making clothes for beautiful slave girl, sweet and a thousand things morebeautiful.
Below I put two models:

Iliana: 195l
Is a simple dress, made ​​of primitives, not clothes made of texture. I really wanted to make a suit like that, and am very happy with the result.
Also change the background of the photo as you can see, perfect for my style.
Altea: 250l
Son unas sedas a un precio bastante accesible, me parece que las puse baratas y mas si comparas los precios de las sedas que hay en otras tiendas.
Estoy muy orgullosa de este trabajo.
Las sedas constan de una falda, cinturón y dos versiones de cadenas: cadenas oscuras y cadenas de oro, de este modo puedes cambiar las cadenas ajustándolas a tu tono de piel y a tu gusto.
Ademas aquí comencé un poco a jugar con poner un nuevo cartel para las fotos.
Altea: 250l
Are some silks at a relatively affordable, I think that got cheaper and more if you compare the prices of silks that are in other stores.
I am very proud of this work.
Silks consist of a skirt, belt and two versions of chains: chains gold chains and dark, thus adjusting the chains can change yourskin tone and taste.
Furthermore you started playing a bit with putting a new poster for pictures.