miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

Lady week

This week i make several lady clothes.

For nort gorean womans i make this in past week. In gorean room you had saw in colour room, but now i put in a normal price whit other colours: green and red.
Contens boots, warmers and cloack.

(Hair left: leluka, rigth: truth)
(Skin left: Imagen; rigth Curio)

Paula : 250l
In two diferent flowers textures, dark or clare.
Contens several layers, corset, sleeves, 2 skirts (longe and short), mask...
This clothes are inspired in Misha (female character in the series death note), and i put Paola name for a friend :P

Gabriela : price especial, only 150l.
In 2 colours, contents that you an see.