sábado, 15 de octubre de 2011



Hi! we make textures full perm for your clothes and buildings.
We hope that like you.



We Presents a full perms animations.
Are static animations for put in your objets and make a funny objets anaccesorioes for your clothes.
At the moment we comme learing to make animattion and we will welcome your advice and suggestions on our animations.

martes, 11 de octubre de 2011


We are celebrating, we are two years with the store open.
Come and get your gift!
Also this month is my birthday, so I have double celebration: P



Autumn sweets and clothes for this season so special. While cane leaves and enters the winter you can wear this pretty dresscorduroy.
Contains some foot warmers, clothing and a scarf sculp when cool air.
Dulces y otoñales ropas para esta estacion tan especial. Mientras se cane las hojas y entra el invierno puedes ponerte este bonito vestido de pana.
Contiene unos calentadores de pies, el vestido sculp y una bufanda para cuando refresque el aire.


Sweet sculp clothing made ​​of burlap, contains some embellishments like a flower, a teddy bear and a pretty bow.
Sculp dress, inspired by Aguaderas (the spersonas that carry water with buckets).
buckets containing the animation.


Dulces ropa de sculp, hecha de tela de saco, contiene algunos adornos como una flor, un osito de peluche y un bonito lazo.

Vestido sculp, inspirado en las aguaderas (la spersonas que llevan agua con cubos).





Candy inspired clothes Pied Piper.
Made for Panther / salvage or other roles for medieval games.

This costume contains a wooden lafuta (with animation and sound) to jam with your friends and you have fun together.
Dulces ropas inspiradas en el flautista de hamelin.
Hechas para pantera /salvage u otros roles para juegos medievales.

Este traje contiene una lafuta de madera (con animacion y sonido) para que toques a tus amigos y os divirtais juntos.

martes, 4 de octubre de 2011


I make this outfit for the gorean room, I hope that like you, 70l in gorean room, dont lost this oportunity!