miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

Broken Heart fair

Hi friend the broken heart fair coming ! i work hard for make new outfits for this day.
I m furius because I dont had time for make a panther outfits but if i make in this week i put in the fair.

I put 2 outfit for 30l
And the other outfits i put a special price for this fair. IN my store and marketplace i put the normal price.

Albina: Inspired in Luis Royo ( imagen of Left) i make this oufit, first i want make only for slave but them... the result be a fantastyc outfit for mercenaryand outlawt .
I make this outfit in 5 colours:


Continue whit this outfit , is a template that i see in market place.. and I LOVE IT, in this imagen dotn have but i make too a littel skirt. 50l inbroken heart Fair. 2 colours (black and white).

More for my slaves.. LOL. Akira whir cymbals music intrument.

And.......................... the special oufit for 30l

For lady ansd slave.

Do you want more? search and hunt the broket heart. Good Look.
If I tell a secret... is for panther and you cand found in a place for my stand.